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Interior Design Trends for 2020

As each new year starts it is always exciting to see what trends will carry on through and what we will be saying goodbye to. Here is a quick summary of some of the styles you can expect to see more of in 2020.

Classic Blue

Last year Pantone announced the colour of the year 2020 to be Classic Blue. I have to admit, this is my absolute favourite go-to colour. It is so versatile that it works in any style from Nordic Hygge to Art Deco Glamour and everything else in between.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Tranquil Dawn

Another colour of the year 2020 came from Dulux with their Tranquil Dawn. Said to be inspired by a new decade, it is a fresh start or a new dawn. Inspired by the colours of the morning sky it has been created by Dulux to represent our need for meaning and kindness in a world which is increasingly digital and hectic. Sitting somewhere between green, blue and grey, different tones will shine through depending on the colour palette that you choose to pair with it.

In line with Dulux’s theory of our need to reconnect with the real world and not just live in a digital one, there is an increasing demand for paired back, simple yet structured natural interiors. With a neutral colour palette of beige or Tranquil Dawn as a base and adding depth and cosiness with the use of natural fibres such as linen, cotton and wool to create a cosy and calm space to relax.

Photo Credit: Dulux

Home Comforts

Comfort appears to be a key component in Interior Design trends for 2020, as it should be. In a world which is becoming ever more surreal, we seek to make our homes a sanctuary of home comforts. Layering up cushions and throws, mixing vintage and new furniture along with rustic earthy tones to create a relaxed neutral scheme.

Photo Credit: Ideal Home

Abstract Expression

With this being said, if a neutral colour scheme is not for you then do not despair, another trend to hit 2020 is based on abstract expressionist art. Using bold playful colours and abstract shapes, a lot of fun could be had with this scheme.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Photo Credit: Living Etc

Mid-Century Modern meets Art Deco

Alternatively, mix mid-century modern with art deco to bring glamour into your home. This style is all about making a statement from your choice of wallpaper, furniture, lighting and soft furnishings. Really anything goes and the more the better! Use a rich colour palette and team with velvet soft furnishings and don’t forget the added extras of piping, tassels and fringes! This is a style that you could really go to town with.

Photo Credit: Wooden Furniture Store

It should be said that whilst these are the trends to be forecast for 2020, if you are looking to redesign your home then do remember that trends come and go. Therefore, unless you are planning on redecorating every time the trends change, then go with your heart and a style that makes your home feel like home.

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