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How to choose the right sofa for you.

Choosing the right sofa can be a tricky business. It is easy to be distracted by the trends but how do you pick the right one for you that will last for years to come? Here are my top tips on what to look for when investing in a new sofa.

1. Size

Before you even start looking at sofas, consider both how many people you need the sofa to seat as well as how big a sofa your room can take. Taking both of these into consideration will automatically rule out a number of options, allowing you to hone in on those that are most suitable.

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Work out the maximum dimensions that will fit in your space and work well in your space. Don't forget the depth is just as important as the width, particularly in a small room - you don't want a sofa to dominate the room. Equally, check out the height too, particularly if you need to take window sills, radiators or shelving into consideration. Last but not least, check the access dimensions. The last thing you want to do is to have the perfect sofa delivered only to find that that you can't get it passed the access points into your room!

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2. Invest in a good frame

A solid hardwood frame is best when looking for longevity. These are the most structurally sound frames. Be wary of mdf/metal frames as these are less likely to stand the test of time. Also look for at least a 15 year frame guarantee. Companies such as, Arlo & Jacob and Love Your Home even offer a lifetime guarantee on their frames.

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3. Style

Now that you have narrowed down some of your choices, it is time to consider the style. What will work best in your space. If you are redecorating and have a completely blank canvas then your sofa can determine the style. However, if you are simply replacing your sofa then consider all the other items in your room already. That's not to say that you have to stick to a set style, but choose a sofa that will work harmoniously with your other items.

Photo Credits: Love Your Home

4. Cushion Fillings

What is inside your cushions can make a big difference in both the aesthetics and comfort of your new sofa. Generally, the options available are:

Feather-filled: the softest of all, high on comfort but will need regular plumping to keep its shape.

Foam-filled: firm support and therefore keeps it's shape without the need for daily plumping.

Feather & Foam-filled: best combination as you get the lovely squish factor whilst maintaining structure.

5. Fabric

Now that you have settled on your sofa style and decided on the cushion filling that would suit your needs best, now is the time to choose your fabric. Opt for a colour that works with the rest of your scheme. In terms of the type of fabric, practicality is key. If you are a busy family or pet owners then opt for washable loose covers or easy clean fabrics. There are plenty of options for easy clean velvets, linens, cottons mixed with polyester out there to offer the look that you are after whilst offering the protection of withstanding a spot clean. Sunlight is also a consideration, if your sofa will be positioned in direct sunlight then opt for a synthetic fabric as natural materials will fade.

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6. Try Before You Buy

Finally, my last bit of advise is to try before you buy! Buying a sofa is a big commitment, so whilst you may have fallen in love with your perfect sofa on paper, it is so important to make sure that it feels comfortable for you and your household. Is it too deep, too low, provide you with enough support? All of these elements need to be tested out before committing, otherwise you could be left with a gorgeous looking sofa that you dread sitting in.

I hope that you have found these tips useful and if you are in the market for a new sofa, then happy searching!

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