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Interior Design Trends during 2020

When I last wrote about the Interior Design Trends for 2020 back in January little did I know that we would be heading for 3 months in lockdown and a new normal for us to get used to. Therefore, I thought that it would be interesting to see how these trends have evolved during this extraordinary time.


Much of what had been predicted has remained; Classic Blue (Pantone's Colour of the Year), Tranquil Dawn (Dulux's Colour of the Year) and the muted, dusky grown up pink in Benjamin Moore's Colour of the Year, First Light are all still very much up there on the trend front.

Photo Credits: Pantone, Dulux, Benjamin Moore


Texture has also remained and has most likely become ever more important whilst we have been spending more time in our homes. Texture adds interest to a room and is achieved by layering different textiles in the same or similar colours. However, soft furnishings is not the only way to add texture, it can also be achieved through your choice of furniture, plants, prints and ornaments.

Photo Credit: Ideal Home

Sustainable Home Interiors

Much like fast fashion, we are now looking to make both our clothes and home interiors much more sustainable and eco-friendly. Whilst we have been spending more time in our homes but not been able to always purchase new items it has encouraged us to do more upcycling of our furniture than we perhaps would have done before, giving old furniture a new lease of life. This can only a good thing, right?

Modernised Traditional Design

In uncertain times, as it certainly has been even prior to the pandemic, it can be comforting to revert back to more traditional, classic design elements in our homes and blending them with more contemporary pieces to provide a more modern look.

Multifunctional Rooms

Finally, it probably won't come as a surprise that there has been a necessity for multifunctional rooms. With working from home as well as home schooling, our homes have had to adapt to be able to provide a quiet place to work. Whilst it is possible to create these spaces, you wouldn't necessarily want an office chair permanently placed in your kitchen! An ingenious solution to this was by a friend of mine who suddenly needed to find space for her husbands bulky, new office chair, for when it was not in use. They already had a small cupboard in their kitchen with shelving, which happened to be just the right size for the chair apart from the arms. Therefore, she raised the lower shelf, reorganised the other shelves and bingo, the unsightly office chair could be hidden away for evenings and weekends. I am sure this has not been an uncommon theme.

Photo Credit: Bettine Seaward

It will be interesting to see how interior design trends evolve over the coming months and into 2021 as we get used to our new norm.

Take care everyone!

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